Hundreds of SMEs and authors have contributed towards the content presented in the CEH courseware. Latest tools and exploits uncovered from the underground community are featured in the new package. Our researchers have invested thousands of man hours researching the latest trends and uncovering the covert techniques used by the underground community.

  • The Certified Ethical Hacker know how to think and act like a hacker in order to identify the weaknesses in their organization network before malicious intruders can take advantage of them.
  • Gain an understanding of risks and vulnerabilities.
  • Learn the “hacker” mindset.
  • Gain insight into how exploits evolve.
  • Learn about the tools of the trade.
Who should Apply
  • Information Security Officers
  • Security Professionals
  • IT- Head/ Managers
  • Auditors
  • Network / System Administrators

CEH v11 Exam Fee : $500

  • Firm understanding of the Windows Operating System, and a desire to learn about the hacking and network security profession, stay ethical, and get great security training
  • Grasping of TCP/IP protocols.
  • A basic familiarity with Linux.
Exam Details
  • Number of Questions: 125
  • Passing Score: 70%
  • Test Duration: 4 hours
  • Test Format: Multiple choice
  • Test Delivery: EC-Council Authorized Partner

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Professionals willing to make a career as an Ethical Hacker can pursue the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Certification. It improves a candidate’s skill in evaluating the security of computer systems for the purpose of protecting corporate infrastructure. The exam code for CEH certification (version 10) is 312-50. This exam involves preparation of ethical hacking special techniques as well as pene
The CEH Certification examination uses the method of Pass/Fail to report the score. The report can have a detailed bar chart showing your performance in each of the skills you were assessed for if you Fail. No specific details are shared, though the points scored by you in each skill.
If you are interested in cyber security, the CEH certification is a great investment based on the knowledge you will gain alone. Beyond gaining technical know-how, CEH is also a valuable certification for your professional career.
It is fully legal to learn Ethical Hacking training course, until and unless you are authorized to hack any website/System/Server/Computer. DO NOT hack into others computer/phone or any other device without authorization.
The CEH certification lasts for 3 years affecting immediately from the date of issuance of certification. Between this 3 year period, a certification holder must renew the certificate by being a part of the EC-Council Continuing Education Program.